10 Most Common Air Conditioning Problems

The residential energy consumption survey of 2015 reveals that around 90% of US homes use air conditioning. Such a large user base makes the calls for air conditioning repair in Gainesville very common. Earlier knowledge of the prevalent air condition problems can help mitigate AC repairs. Here is a list of the 10 most common problems that every AC owner encounters at least once.

1. Water Leaking From The AC

The condensate drain of the AC is prone to a build-up of algae and fungi owing to its moist environment. Also, a faulty condensate pump may compel you to call an air conditioning company in Gainesville

2. AC Not Powering On

A high load can cause the circuit breaker to trip and restrict the power supply. Other reasons for this can be loose wiring or a faulty thermostat. Resetting a tripped circuit breaker solves the problem within no time.

3. AC Running Constantly

 Problems with the disturbed AC cycle sometimes involve multiple parts like air filters, temperature sensors, electrical parts, thermostat issues, etc. Turn off the thermostat fan and check if it restores the AC cycle. Otherwise, air conditioner repair in Gainesville can pinpoint the problem and solve it at the earliest.

4. No or Insufficient Cooling

Sometimes, the AC works without blowing cold air or it may run with no air coming out of the ducts. In this case, a damaged blower belt or low levels of refrigerant might be posing the trouble.
Regular maintenance from the air conditioning company of Gainesville detects the minor wear and tear of components. It also enables the refilling of low coolant levels.

5. Hot Air Instead of Cold

Quite frustrating to experience, the AC works the other way around by blowing hot air out of vents. An overheated compressor, refrigerant issue, or unclean air filter might be responsible for this.

6. Frozen Condenser Coil

This is a result of additional strain on AC due to bad filters or problematic condenser unit, requiring a repair.

7. Abnormal Smell

A broken AC sometimes emits a burning smell requiring an urgent air conditioner repair in Gainesville

8. Unfamiliar Noise

Ignoring strange sounds like hissing, banging, clanking can lead to a fatal AC breakdown. Loose parts or the bad motor bearing can cause such noises from the unit.

9. Repeated Tripping

Poor AC installation involving improper wiring can give rise to frequent tripping of the AC. Get it fixed by a certified HVAC technician.

10. Refrigerant Leak

Cracks in the coil circulating the refrigerant may cause it to leak. Notably, the coolant leak is hazardous to health and requires immediate attention. Look for air conditioner repair in Gainesville and let the technicians fix the problem as soon as possible.

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