5 Reasons Why Your Central Heating Is Not Working

During the cold season, most homeowners depend heavily on heating systems because it is the only thing that keeps us warm. Even when these heating systems perform the crucial function of keeping us warm, many people usually overlook the routine upkeep of their furnace system. This ignorance often leads to unit malfunction or breakdown. So to avoid this, it is prudent to timely call a heating contractor in Gainesville.

Reasons Your Central Heating Is Not Working 

Here Are Some Reasons Your Furnace System Is Not Working

  • Obstructed Air in the Radiator System

Check if you still have boiled water while testing your central heating system. If so, it could be a mistake with the radiator device alone, and you could get away with only having an incomplete repair on your heating systems. It could be stuck air causing your central heating to fail, as this can cause cold spots in your system, which could also be the case if you have any malfunctioning radiators.

  • Silt Build-Up in Your Central Heating Element

If clearing the radiators didn’t solve the problem, you might have an accumulation of silt in your pipework that’s blocking hot water from flowing through the pipes in your home. If this is the case and it is clear that it is the reason, the only remedy is to hire a plumber to perform a professional “flush” through your system.

  • Timer With Intervals

Another reason for your property’s lack of central heating could be the control panel, as most systems remain controlled by a timer that allows the system to start and stop at specific times throughout the day.

In addition, if the problem is with the interface system, a simple dashboard operation is essential to resolve the issue, as the system usually includes a factory reset. You could also consult the manufacturer’s manual provided to you or call a helpline number available.

  • Leaking Pipes

Another factor that could cause your central heating to fail is a ruptured pipe that prevents water from flowing to your radiators. A loud central heating system that makes twanging and snapping noises during the day is a clear signal that you leak.

Also, it is a good idea to check the pipework for any significant issues to identify if the system demands urgent repair. If this is the case, a repair technician will survey the area because the coolant leaks could cause damage to the support material and foundations.

  • Old Unit

If you’ve tried everything above and still can’t get it to work, it might be time to replace it if your system is an older model. If your heating system is old, it may simply be that the unit has served its purpose, as some components wear out and are no longer manufactured, making repairs more complicated for central heating technicians.

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