All You Need To Know About Enhancing Heating Efficiency

All homeowners desire a comfortable environment during the cold season. For these reasons, homeowners should be aware of the different ways to enhance the heating efficiency of their appliances even if the SEER value is not too high. If you require assistance, you can contact Affordable Heat & Air, a reliable heating contractor serving in Gainesville and the surrounding areas.

Six Ways To Enhance Heating Efficiency

1. Maintain a Schedule

If you want to use your heating appliances for the entire day, this may result in high energy bills. You can solve this problem by fixing a schedule for using your appliance.

You can turn off your appliance when you are outside or sleeping. This routine can help you stay comfortable and lower your energy bill.

2. Use Other Heat Sources

You can allow your heating appliance to rest for a few hours by using other heat sources available in your home. For example, allow warm sunlight to enter your home during the day. Sunlight will increase your indoor temperature, so you will not need to switch on your furnace.

Try to spend more time in the kitchen when someone cooks or wear more warm clothes to keep yourself from cold or chilly weather.

3. Insulate Your Home Properly

Your furnace will not warm up your place if your home does not have proper insulation. If your home does not have adequate insulation, warm air from your furnace will leak, and your home will stay cold. Ensure there are no leaks or holes in your doors and windows that may allow the warm air to escape outside.

If you do not know how to insulate your home or you cannot detect the leaks in your home, you can contact one of our technicians for heating repair in Gainesville.

4. Replace The Filters

The filters of your heating appliances are an important part of your appliance. The filters may collect dust and dirt over time, resulting in clogged filters, causing your system to break down.

If the filters are dirty, indoor air will remain impure, and your appliance may face problems like overheating and poor efficiency. This is why replacing your filters is necessary.

5. Close The Chimney Damper

Some owners forget to close the chimney dampers of their homes after they stop using their fireplaces. If the chimney damper remains open, warm air will escape, and your home will become cold. Ensure you close the chimney damper after you turn off your fireplace.

6. Decrease The Temperature

You can manage your furnace’s heating efficiency by decreasing the temperature on your thermostat. If you adjust the temperature of your thermostat when you are outside or sleeping, you can manage your energy bills without compromising your comfort in your home.


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