Home Heating System Types

It can be difficult to leave an old heating system and commit to a new heating installation in Gainesville, TX, especially when you are unaware of the different varieties of home heating systems. It can be interesting to see the diversity of heating technologies available as potential replacements if you have an aging unit that needs to get replaced.

All these systems are available in types and sizes to suit your needs. Therefore, before planning to replace your old furnace and get a new one installed, gain a better understanding from a competent HVAC provider.

Understanding Different Home Heating Systems

Below are some of the most popular home heating systems available in the market.

  • A Fireplace (forced air distribution system)

Air is pumped through a duct system by a furnace (usually powered by gas). It allows heated, regulated air to circulate throughout the house. While furnaces can heat the air with the help of electricity, propane, or oil, natural gas gets used in almost every household.

Also, as the forced air distribution network (ductwork) is used by your air conditioner during the summer season, gas furnaces are the most prevalent type of heating system.

  • Boiling Pot (radiator distribution system)

Another frequent heating system is boilers. To provide heat, they circulate hot water or steam through tubes. While this allows you to practice zoned heating and cooling, it is also substantially more expensive to install and operate.

The heat is created in the mid-part of the residence and then dispersed throughout the house, so furnaces and boilers are popularly known as central heating systems.

  • Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are another transcendent home heating system to heat and cool a home. Rather than producing heat directly like a propane furnace, they transfer it via refrigerant and electricity. As a result, they are frequently far more energy-efficient than other heating systems. Regrettably, they only work in temperate climates, with temperatures rarely dropping below freezing.

  • Hybrid Heating System

The fuel efficiency of a heat pump gets combined with the strength of a gas furnace in blended heating. Also, while the heat pump will heat and cool your home for the entire year, the heater only turns on during freezing weather.

And, because you’re not dependent on just one system, you’ll put less strain on both, lowering the need for repairs and maintenance.

  • Mini-Splits With no Ducts

Mini-split units eliminate the need for multiple air ducts, allowing you to create different HVAC zones, each with its thermostat. It is especially- useful in larger homes and additions without ductwork.

  • Heating via Radiation

Radiant heating distributes boiled water or electric heat via special tubes installed in the floor (and sometimes in the ceiling or walls). Oil, gas, methane, and electricity are all principal sources that help generate heat. While the electric heating distribution system has a long lifespan, repairs might be costly if a problem emerges.

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