How Do You Diagnose A Furnace Problem?

Every season brings along some inconvenience or an extreme climate. Winters are no different. Though winters remind us of the holiday season, they can be quite unbearable without the heating systems. Shivering day and night would not be a pleasant situation, and that is why every household nowadays has a heating system or furnace. With the heat generated by these systems, winters become easy and fun.

Furnaces are mechanical equipment and, thus, are prone to much damage and failure. The heating system constantly generates heat to keep us warm, and that is why a heating contractor in Gainesville should service it before winter arrives. Scheduling regular maintenance and servicing for your furnace will ensure its efficient functioning.

However, even after proper servicing, you may face furnace problems. You should contact the technician company that you hired for heating installation in Gainesville, TX. In situations where the furnace is not working correctly, and you have to diagnose the furnace problem, you can use the following troubleshooting tips:

Check The Thermostat For Temperature Setting Problems:

Ensure that your thermostat is set to “heat” and set the temperature 5 degrees higher than the current room temperature. Replace the batteries of the thermostat to see if that is the issue. Check whether your thermostat is getting false readings from nearby heat sources like lamps, ovens, heaters, etc. Wrong input will lead the thermostat to send the wrong output.

If you have an electromechanical thermostat, you will have to dust the coils, and contact plates present inside. Use a soft paintbrush or soft paper to do so.

Check The Filters For Blockage

Dirty furnace filters are an extremely common problem but have disastrous effects on the system. Clogged air filters restrict the airflow and worsen the air quality. It can also cause a fire hazard. To check and change the air filters, ensure to turn the thermostat and furnace switch off. Air filters should be checked every 30 days and if the problem persists, call a heating contractor in Gainesville.

Check The Furnace Flame

Often the furnace flame extinguishes, and the pilot has to be relit. Ensure to follow the manual to relight the pilot light. With gas involved, it can be a hazardous task. Try to call for a technician instead.

Check The Circuit Breaker And The Furnace Switch

Someone might have switched off the furnace button. Try flipping it back on to get the furnace working. Another problem could be the power supply. Ensure that the HVAC breaker in your electrical panel is on.

Quick diagnosing of the furnace problem can be beneficial to avoid greater damages to the system. Nonetheless, a professional should be called for a thorough inspection of the problem and fix it effectively.

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