How Does An Electric Furnace Work?

Since we’re in the thick of winter, it’s only natural to consider something that’s on many people’s minds during these frigid months: staying warm and cozy!

It is why electric furnaces have become an indispensable part of human life. Therefore, it becomes vital for every homeowner to maintain their furnace accurately, as a malfunctioning heating unit can leave you toasty on a winter night and costly heating repair in Gainesville, burning a hole in your pocket.

Understanding Electric Furnaces And How It Works

Both electric and gas heating systems use the same fundamental concepts to generate heat. When a furnace thermostat senses that the temperature dropped below the setpoint, it signals the furnace to turn on the heat.

The heating system’s heating element then turns on, generating warmth. Cool air then gets pumped in from the outside through an electric motor, and the warm air passes through the ducts into your rooms via the forced-air system.

When an electric heater receives the “it’s too cold” signal from the thermostat, the heating components, wound spools of wire similar to those found in a toaster, are activated. Because of their impedance, sending an electric current through these coils warms them up, and the greater the need for heat, the more components are triggered.

A motor will turn on. It draws cool outside air into the furnace through a filter using a blower mechanism. The filter is necessary because it removes dust and other particulates. The air then gets forced precisely over the red-hot heating element by the blower. The air then gets pushed out of the furnace through the pipework and into your home by the blower.

Apart from the dangers of smoke, a wood-fired furnace isn’t very efficient at heating a large area. Even if you can separate the heated air from the smoke, nothing but more air can propel the air forward. It means that the hot air may not reach the spaces you wish to warm up.

The Bottom Line

In a nutshell, electric furnaces are much better than conventional heating systems in terms of their benefits in this current world. In addition, electric heating units are also more profitable in terms of power savings and efficiency.

Even when there are numerous varieties of heating systems available, many homeowners prefer furnaces because of their affordable maintenance prices than others.

Apart from this, electric heating systems are comparatively a safer choice than traditional heating systems. They do not emit harmful gases like carbon monoxide and do not own the risk of catching fire.

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