How To Install A Furnace Correctly!

Did your furnace break down in the middle of the night? Do you want your furnace to be replaced? No one wants to be stuck with a furnace that isn’t working properly or without a furnace at all; you may want to get a furnace installed to avoid freezing in the upcoming winters.

Now, installing a new furnace is tough and involves a lot of complications. People who say that you can install a furnace yourself are lying, trust us. A furnace has to be connected to gas lines, ductwork and power lines. It’s not like a conventional appliance that’s good to go after just plugging them in.

Steps To Install A Furnace The Right Way

Installing a furnace in the right way involves a lot of steps. This should always be done by HVAC professionals, as they are proficient in dealing with all the connections required to install a furnace. We will tell you all the steps in detail so you can keep a check on the process:

Removing The Old Furnace

Removing your old furnace can be a laborious task. It involves dismantling all the connections with the gas line, ductwork, unbolting the furnace from the floor, and so on. It’s not just about unplugging the unit from the main power button, it involves a lot more.

When HVAC experts remove the old furnace, they need to properly size the new furnace as well. Sizing the furnace does not just mean checking if it fits in the space designated for it or not. It means checking if your furnace is not overheating or underheating the house. This involves a heat load calculation which ensures the efficiency of the furnace.

Setting The Connections Of The New Furnace

Next comes making the connections of the furnace to different components. This involves ductwork, gas lines, and bolting it to the floor. After putting the furnace in its designated place in the house, HVAC professionals ensure that the ductwork is hooked to the furnace properly because mistakes can happen at this stage.

After this, experts ensure that gas lines are properly connected to the furnace. Checking gas lines requires a licensed and specialist HVAC expert because if the gas lines are not connected properly, the furnace can suffer damage in the future. Fortunately, our heating installation Gainesville TX team is experienced in dealing with gas lines and setting connections.

Checking The Heating System After Installation

The final step after getting the furnace installed is to check it for efficiency and to ensure that it is working properly. Checking the unit confirms that it is functioning efficiently and is not facing any issues with the connections made.

You should always get a new furnace installed by an HVAC professional. It is necessary because they know the ins and outs of every system, despite its make and model. Additionally, purchasing an affordable annual maintenance plan is just as essential as installing a new one to ensure that it is up-to-date, in perfect condition and to avoid Gainesville furnace repair.

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