Reasons For Why Your Air Conditioner Is Not Turning On

It can be frustrating when your air conditioner either stops working or does not turn on at all, especially during the hotter season and on top of that, you may be confused about what you should do. Before taking any major action, you should consider researching why your air conditioner is not turning on.

Look At Some Common Reasons For Your Air Conditioner Not Turning On:

Dirty Air Filters

People often ignore that dirty air filters can be a reason your air conditioner is not turning on. You should regularly check the air filters to ensure that they are clean. If your air conditioner is not turning on because of this, then you should not worry, as all you need to do is clean the filters.

A Malfunctioning Thermostat

Check if your thermostat is functioning properly or not. If not, then go through the thermostat manual to see a solution. If you cannot find a solution in the manual, then try checking the wiring with caution. If you find a problem in the wiring or the thermostat itself, try contacting a technician for air conditioner repair services in Gainesville.

Main Power Supply Issues

Sometimes, the reason your air conditioner decided to trouble you is as simple as problems with the main power supply. Ensure the air conditioner’s circuit breaker is working properly, and no blown a fuse may stop the power supply to your air conditioner.

Lower Refrigerant Levels

Refrigerant is a liquid in your air conditioner that plays an important role in properly and efficiently cooling your home. Problems with the refrigerant levels may reduce your cooling efficiency drastically. Before you contact your technician to check your air conditioner, ensure the refrigerant levels are adequate for proper functioning.

A Dirty System

Dirt and dust can severely damage your system and several parts in it. As the owner, you should thoroughly clean your air conditioner at least once a month to ensure it does not face damage due to dirt and dust. Dust on your air conditioner can enter its system and damage wires and other small parts, leading to major repair bills.

A Malfunctioning Motor

The motor working in your air conditioner needs regular professional attention. If it malfunctions, you will have no choice but to replace it, which can be costly. In the worst cases, you may have to replace the system due to efficiency issues. Since the motor is extremely important, it may be why your system stopped working.

Worn Out Components

If your air conditioner is old, your technician may have suggested you replace your old system with a new one for several reasons. An old air conditioner is not safe to use as it poses a threat of fire hazards due to worn-out wires.


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