Top Reasons Central Heat Doesn’t Work

Central Heating systems are preferred by many as they take care of both your cooling and heating needs. They can withstand extreme cold or hot temperatures and keep the atmosphere inside your house cozy and breathable throughout the year.

Given their versatility, they may also require better or more frequent maintenance services to run efficiently for two or more seasons. To help owners understand their appliances better, we have listed a few central heating system issues and their causes

1. Thermostat Issues

Thermostats can cause temperature fluctuations, no cold or hot air blowing through the vents, and other temperature-related problems. Consider changing your thermostat batteries, or if it is old, a thermostat replacement might solve the problem. You may also try turning off any power-saving mode or special feature that may be turned on.

2. Air Filter Issues 

Air filter issues are notorious for causing various issues like short cycling, no hot or cold air, burning smells, etc. Air filters should be cleaned or replaced once before every season. The frequency of such services varies with the appliance’s usage and location. A central heating system that runs most of the year and in a relatively polluted area will need frequent filter cleaning or replacement.

3. Wiring or Gas Supply Issues

Sometimes a tripped wire or circuit board can cause many operational issues. If you feel confident, you may tend to your appliance’s wirings and circuit boards. However, we do advise extreme caution while performing any inspection or repair. You can always schedule a heating repair in Gainesville for a quick and thorough inspection of your appliance.

A reduced or no hot airflow can also indicate a problem with the gas supply. A blue pilot light color indicates a steady gas flow to your appliance. Any other color indicates an issue with your gas supply which you must get fixed by a professional right away.

4. Loud Noise

A certain degree of operational humming should be of no concern for a central heating system’s operation. However, any noticeably loud, erratic, or unheard noise should be tended to immediately. Such noise can be caused by loose components, flimsy duct panels, clogged filters, etc. loud noises are tell-tale signs of an anomaly within your appliance. They should be inspected and fixed right away.

5. Ductwork Issues

Sometimes the issues you face may not be caused by the appliance but by its ductwork. Ductwork issues can give rise to several problems that resemble HVAC issues, making them difficult to detect and repair. A leak or crack in ducts can cause the hot or cold air to leave your room without heating or cooling.

It can also lead to issues like short-cycling as the appliance keeps trying to maintain the stipulated temperature and, of course, a rise in energy bills. Schedule a Gainesville furnace repair immediately if such anomalies become more and more apparent.

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