Use These Tips For Proper Care Of Your Air Conditioner

Taking proper care of your air conditioners is your duty as the owner. Air conditioners help us tackle the strong heat of the summer season without much effort. Without your air conditioners, it would not be possible to rest comfortably in your homes.

The best way to take care of your air conditioner is by contacting a reputed air conditioning company in Gainesville for professional assistance, but it can get expensive. Through these simple tips, you can maintain the efficiency of your system without spending much money:

Regular Cleaning of Air Filters

Air filters of your air conditioner ensure that the indoor quality is up to the mark and there is a smooth airflow path from the system to the home and vice versa. Most air conditioner problems occur due to dirty or clogged air filters.

You should know which air filters are compatible with your system and when to replace them for proper operation. Replacing and cleaning air filters regularly will help you avoid various problems like poor indoor air quality, short cycling, and an increased number of working hours.

Declogging Drain Line

Air conditioners discharge dampness while working. This discharged water collects in the drain pan and leaves the system through the drain line. If the drain line clogs, this water will not leave the system, and you will face water leakages.

You can unclog the drain line by pouring vinegar or bleach in it, or you can contact an HVAC company for air conditioner repair in Gainesville to do it for you.

Maintaining Vacant Space around the Outdoor Unit

As the name suggests, the outdoor unit is the part of your air conditioner placed outside your home. It plays an important part in the efficient working of your system, and if it faces problems, the whole system will suffer.

The best way to take care of your outdoor unit is by maintaining a vacant space around it. Ensure no unwanted vegetation or obstructions around it may hinder its airflow.

Cleansing the Indoor Coil

The indoor coil completes the cooling process in your air conditioner, which is extremely important for your home’s cooling. Your indoor coil receives airflow, and air contains dirt and dust even if it passes through air filters, meaning they get dirty often.

Clean the indoor coils using suitable cleaning liquids and a clean cloth to remove unwanted buildup on their surface. You can also install air purification systems to avoid dirty indoor coils.

Using Heat-Generating Appliances at Night

Our homes are full of appliances that generate heat when they work. Appliances like dryers, microwaves, ovens, and kitchen equipment generate heat when they work. One of the underrated ways of taking care of your air conditioner is to use such appliances during the night.

Using them during the day generates heat, and your system will have to work harder. However, using them at night does not pose much problem as the temperature is cool outside, so your system does not have to do much work.

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